Truck Towing

Truck towing is one of the most important assistance service to companies that offer transport services as well as people who just happen to own trucks and use them as a means of transport on a daily basis. American Towing Inc we offer truck towing services that are client friendly in that they are geared towards helping the clients get to their destinations without really been about business.


One of the main aspects of this service is that it is fairly priced and this make us the cheapest provider of towing services in the country today. Here is a bulletin list that highlights other aspects of this service.

  • We have a comprehensive insurance policy
  • Our staff members are well trained to ensure that each client gets the best towing service
  • We are always well groomed and conduct ourselves with respect and diligence

Trained Staff

We believe we have the best towing experts in the industry and this is one of our strengths as you will see when you hire us. The people who work for us undergo training regularly to hone their expertise and ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Proper Pricing

Your truck is already an expensive affair and so you should not be paying additional high fees. That is what we believe in. Therefore, we have priced our towing services in such a way that they are affordable for all our customers. Call us today to get more details about the prices of our – jump dead battery, refuel gas, flat tire.